You have a date, but you have no idea where to take her or what to do. How on earth will you convince her that you are an exciting guy and nice to be around? What kind of dates make sure you won’t have a dull moment or even a boring encounter? Take a look at these amazingly easy to do but super fun activities!

Get your kite out

Women adore it when a man can teach her something new. For instance, you could take her to learn how to kite (be sure you master it yourself!) This activity ensures a whole lot of fun ànd you are in a great position to subtly touch her hand or maybe even her back. Gently of course and as if it was not meant to be. Of course, you will need a windy day so don’t do it when the wind is still. That might get you an embarrassing situation. If you decide the weather is perfect for it, look for a field, a meadow or another big open space to do so. Don’t awkwardly do it in your small garden at home. If the conditions are right, this is one of the best dates ever!

Go ice skating

Perfect winter date, take her to the ice rink! This place is the best when you want a cozy date where you don’t really have to focus on keeping the conversation alive. But on the other hand, when you two get off real well, the occasion is perfect to have a nice chat on the ice. You could ask her if she isn’t too cold and come off as a true gentleman and you are allowed to hold hands if she looks like she is going to lose balance.

Create an incredible picnic experience

Go and buy yourself one of these vintage cane picnic baskets like you see in the movies (you can easily find this online) and book a canoe trip down the river. Get her in the boat and paddle until you find a nice and quiet spot at the river shore. Get your picnic out and make sure you provided a bottle of bubbles and glasses of course! In the ideal situation, you have a red and white blanket and some wild flowers in the basket to make this a true romantic experience.

Go to the beach

Going to the beach is ALWAYS a good idea! The beach and the sea give you the opportunity to be in a relaxing environment. Maybe you can add some of tips 1 or 3 to add the magic! One of the most romantic things to do is take a walk with your feet in the water. Maybe you can tease her with the water. The beach also gives the great topic of discussing holidays and talking about how she likes her days off of work. Is she the type of person who likes to relax? Is she adventurous? All crucial information for a second date! Very important detail if you decide to take your date to the beach: prepare! Know what distance you will be walking and where you want to get off the beach to end the day in a cozy beach bar for example. Make sure you don’t get lost or that you walk to far and then come to the conclusion that you will have to walk all the way back to the car.

Cook together.

Invite her at your place and cook a delicious meal together. Attention here! If you don’t know how to cook, don’t start just now! Choose another date option! But if you are a good cook and you know how to prepare a delicious meal, do so! She will be impressed by a guy who can cook her a good meal + cooking allows you to talk a lot, but if you’re out of subjects of discussion, you can always start talking about the cooking itself. You think it needs more salt? Let her taste while you hold the spoon.


No, don’t take her to the swimming pool, but go and play a good game of pool at the local pool centre. She will be pleasantly surprised by the originality of the date and the fact that the date will take place on a super informal location. If she’s good at the game, you can have a great time laughing and making jokes. If she’s not too good at the game, you can assist her which allows you to gently touch her. As you might know, the physical approach is very important to make the next step of kissing less awkward! At the end of the game, you can close a bet. Loser buys the winner a drink or loser owes a kiss to the winner. That way everything sorts out and you’ll feel great because you won’t have to worry about that first kiss anymore! Good luck!!
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Mike Geerinck
Mike Geerinck
Mike is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer for Amnesti. He has been the creative mastermind and main public speaker at hundreds of Amnesti seminars worldwide. The foundational principles, concepts, and lessons of Amnesti centers around advanced content Mike created while traveling the world and analyzing male-and-female interactions.