The focus of Amnesti is giving people a chance in life to become happy with someone they like. Finding someone to love, developing personalities and especially giving the truth about the dating industry with tips and tricks that are very clear to everyone. Amnesti is not like one of the other dating companies out there. Our main focus is helping guys and girls to become happy with someone they love while other companies only have a focus on picking up girls. So we can say that Amnesti does it better. They help you from zero, with the approach until even after what happens in a relationship.

This Is Our Story


In Love & Dating!

Amnesti Brings more than just dating advice and pickup skills. Everyone
who wants to become happy with a woman is here at the right address.
Everyone should be happy with something that they want or desire and not
what social society is telling what to have or do.

The focus of Amnesti is preparing you in the best way possible to date
anyone, and to teach you how to date on several levels. Text game, open-relationships,
Online Dating, Sex, Dating Celebs, NLP, Social Environment, Daygame, Monogamy,…

Do you want to stop struggling in your Pickup and Dating? Do you want the
truth and nothing but the truth delivered without any sugar-coating?
Amnesti delivers invaluable knowledge and wisdom that you
should listen to and follow. Whether we’re talking to you directly or sharing
stories from others to boost your success.
We believe that everyone should be happy and we would love to help and
support you with any questions or problems you have.
Therefore, we have taken the obligation to help everyone with their questions and problems.
And to give you as much FREE content to learn from, we’ve Our Blog Posts,
YouTube Channel, Android App, and a support team ready for you!