• 2015

    Amnesti is founded by Mike Geerinck in 2015 from one of the smallest countries in the world (Belgium).
  • 2016

    Amnesti launches its products in the rest of Europe.
  • 2017

    Amnesti welcomes its 10,000th customer on the website
  • 2019

    Amnesti is launching its service and products in the United States
The focus of Amnesti is giving people a chance in life to become happy with someone they like. Finding someone to love, developing personalities and especially giving the truth about the dating industry with tips and tricks that are very clear to everyone. Amnesti is not like one of the other dating companies out there. Our main focus is helping guys and girls to become happy with someone they love while other companies only have a focus on picking up girls. So we can say that Amnesti does it better. They help you from zero, with the approach until even after what happens in a relationship.