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Many men mess it up, over and over again

Many men make the most common mistakes and in one way or another they do not get those nice women. They mess it up again and again.

Some of them get these nice women, but they ruin it in one way or another. Only I can teach you my secrets to a happy life and a happy relationship.

Why am I good at this?

Well, Amnesti offers more than just seducing women.

We offer a whole range of dating services for men who also want to live happily in a monogamous relationship. What we certainly applaud.

Most pickup artists sites are good in teaching you how to pick up girls but they know nothing of what happens next.

Let me help you. I'll give you my personal tips.

Are you ready?

  • to learn the secrets of characters that you should definitely have to appear attractive to all women.
  • to make women fall in love just by using your voice.
  • to know how you make sure she is madly in love with you and you will never cheat on you.
  • 2 ways to prepare her for a WWM (women, women, man) trio and let her even introduce it.
  • some things you can learn from the movie 'Top Gun' to become good with women in general. Do this and everyone looks at you as an attractive man.
  • how you can hide your nervousness.
  • let her beg to be your girlfriend.

But wait, we're not there yet!

  • learn how you turn her into a nymphomaniac home slave.
  • 2 ways to dump a lovesick girl (if you really don't want her anymore) and can still be her fuckbuddy.
  • how you dump her for another and get away with it without her talking to friends / family.
  • simple dates that make her literally addicted to you.
  • how you always get away with it if you have cheated on her.
  • learn my 10-year long secret about relationships and how you can force her to do the most crazy things for you that I told no one else about.
  • how to deal with drama and ensure that she will never make drama with you again.
  • simple ways to get her attention when she is in a group of men.
  • how you get another woman out of a relationship and start a relationship with you.
  • how you give her the most crazy sex in the most crazy places.
  • the difference between monogamy and polygamy.
  • how you convince her to start an open relationship with you.

Do you think this was it?

Have I told you yet that this program is huge? It's the most successful program online!

This is wat you will learn
  • how you solve problems in your relationship like a boss.
  • advanced girlfriend game.
  • how you deal with serious quarrels.
  • how you let her exercise, eat, wash and cook for you without you even asking.
  • what you have to do if she says that she needs distance. Do this and only then will she really fall in love with you.
  • how you deal with her and her family / friends circle.
  • interviews with women of various ages. Find out the real value of a good relationship.
  • how you have to chat with your future girlfriend.
  • how you date women without drama.
  • how you make sure that women are happy to be your bitch.
  • +50 creative & cheap date ideas (also for men with a relationship).
  • how you make sure your mother-in-law carries you on your hands.
  • my secret 7-point checklist to bring passion back to life in every relationship.
  • the 8 step-by-step plan to win her back if she wants to leave.
  • and much more...

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The dream woman formula
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The dream woman formula
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Q&A videos
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Try The Program 100% Risk-Free With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm not crazy. I understand that some of the claims on this page look too good to be true.

Really. I get it.

But I can't tell it any other way.

It really works that well and it really is that easy. And it doesn't just work for me, it worked for more than 1000 men as well.

But I understand your doubts. It really is too good to be true.

That is why I give you 30 days to try the program. Like a trial.

And if you want to cancel during that time, for any reason - or even without any reason - I'll refund you your money right away. No hassle. Just send me 1 email and you get a refund. I'm sure you'll make the right decision because you don't have anything to lose. You can only win here.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1What kind of course is this?
The Dream Woman Formula is an online video course that will exactly show you how to get and keep a relationship with your dream woman. Not just that, but you will also learn exactly how you can turn a 'normal' woman into your sweet and caring girlfriend that not just respects you, but will do anything for you. So this course is NOT about dating. And this course is NOT (just) about sex. This course teaches you how to make women fall in love in this kind of desperate way where she will be loyal to you forever and where she will never ever forget you.
2I'm a single guy. What will I learn in this course?
This course is not just for men in a relationship, but also for single men. Because you'll learn exactly how to make your next relationship a homerun. So if you're single, you won't be for long. Whether that means a longterm relationship with the woman of your dreams, or even multiple girlfriends and fuckbuddies. It's all possible. Most single guys that start this course first end updating multiple women and having multiple fuckbuddies before settling down with an amazing looking girlfriend that's totally in love with them.
3I want a monogamous relationship with one woman. Is this for me?
This is *made* for you. This course will teach you how to make her fall in love with you and how to keep her. Most guys are just like you and prefer to use the Dream Woman Formula to get a girlfriend and build a solid relationship with her. If you apply everything you learn inside this course on your girlfriend to be, she will never have a more attractive and better boyfriend or husband than you. Your relationship will start in a way where she respects you more and behaves well. In public, she will be your loving girlfriend, and in private she will do whatever you taught her to do. She will be happy. She will be fulfilled. Most of all, she will think she has found the best guy in the world. And she will be right.
4I already have a relationship. What will happen if I apply the Dream Woman Formula?
Within 2 months this will happen: Your relationship changes. You won't be walking on eggshells around your girlfriend anymore. She will respect you and love you more than ever before. If you want to have a night out with your friends, that's ok. She loves you. She adores you. She will be addicted to making you feel good. Blowjobs and sexy surprises will be the order of the day.
5I don't want a relationship. Just some fuckbuddies. Can this help me?
If you want a 'player lifestyle', this course is perfect for you. You will learn how to have multiple friends with benefits, without everything coming to crash down. A lifestyle with multiple women without any commitments is all about knowing how to manage it. And how to manage it and keep control of all those women, is what you will learn in this course. And later if you decide that one of those girls you're dating is 'the one', then after following this course you will know how to make her your loyal, happy and dirty-minded girlfriend.
6I want an open relationship and date multiple women at the same time..
If you're one of those few people who aspire to this, then this course will be a godsend to you. Tim has been having an open relationship with multiple girlfriends for years and will give you unique insights on how to achieve the same. You will learn how to have women not just accept, but love this type of relationship. Afterward, they will even be happy and proud that they get to be one of your girlfriends. And if you later decide you want to settle down with just one woman, you'll be well equipped to make that relationship work as well.
7How will my woman respond once I use this training?
She will absolutely love it. She will feel more beautiful, loved and feminine than she has ever felt in any relationship ever. all the techniques that are taught are so stealthy that she'd never even considered that you follow a course. She just thinks your relationship took an enormous turn for the better. One client said that his wife told him she felt like the relationship just rejuvenated. Another client told me hilariously enough that his wife took credit herself for this positive turn of the relationship. After all... "she had been working on herself". And in the rare case that a partner of a client did notice something, the client answered with: "I'm just trying to be a better partner these days." And that was the end of it. But that's not too strange, right? If your woman starts to give you a lot of BJ's all the time, you're not going to question why she's doing it. You are just happy it's happening.
8Can I pay with something else than creditcard or PayPal?
For payment, the easiest and fastest method is to pay by credit card or debit card. If you elect to send a wire transfer, please allow at least 5-7 business days for the transfer to complete. Instructions are below. IMPORTANT: You must specify the account name as GEERINCK MIKE. Any other name or deviation from this will result in the transfer not being completed and your bank charging you a fee for an incomplete transfer. You must also specify the currency to be transferred as USD (U.S. dollars) so the exact amount we receive is correct with what you owe: $2,000.00 USD Or €1,705.00 EURO European Bank (Belgium, Belfius Bank) Bank Account #: BE06 0636 6314 8922 Bank Account Name: Mike Geerinck Bank IBAN: BE06 0636 6314 8922 BIC: GKCCBEBB ( European Bank ) Bank of America: (786) 799 09 55 by phone number or account number 325120959732 routing numbers 121000358 026009593 wires swift codes payments in dollars use swiftcode: BOFAUS3N payments in foreign currency: BOFAUS6S BELFIUS BANK (Belgium) Boulevard Pacheco 44 1000 Brussels Belgium
9Do you have a guarantee?
Yes. There's a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Try the program risk-free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 30-days and we'll refund you in full. Just say “Maybe” to the Dream Woman Formula now, go through the course, listen to what me and Tim and to teach you, use your amazing new insights into women and experience for yourself how easy it is to make a woman do anything you want.

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