For payment, the easiest and fastest method is to pay by credit card or debit card. If you elect to send a wire transfer, please allow at least 5-7 business days for the transfer to complete. Instructions are below.

IMPORTANT: You must specify the account name as M&G Partner Bvba. Any other name or deviation from this will result in the transfer not being completed and your bank charging you a fee for an incomplete transfer. You must also specify the currency to be transferred as USD (U.S. dollars) so the exact amount we receive is correct with what you owe: $2,000.00 USD Or  €1,705.00 EURO

For Overseas Swift Code #: 
Bank Account #: BE55 0018 1982 1444
Bank Account Name: M&G Partner Bvba 
Bank IBAN: BE55 0018 1982 1444  
BIC: GEBA BE BB ( European Bank )

Bank of America: 805 284 17 58 by phone number or
account number 325120959732
routing numbers 121000358
026009593 wires
swift codes 
payments in dollars use swiftcode: BOFAUS3N
payments in foreign currency: BOFAUS6S
payment in unknown currency: BOFAUS3N 

Bnp Paribas Fortis ( Belgium Bank )
Moleken 17
9100 Sint-Niklaas

Yes, you can call +32485 26 47 38 or +1 805 284 17 58 and create a payment plan based on your finances and history with Mike. If we ask you to make a deposit to hold a reservation (since our Bootcamps sell-out), then you must pay the balance at least 1 month prior to attending the Bootcamp to keep your space on the bootcamp.

The Live Program fee will cover the registration and Instructor fees. However, we recommend Clients bring money for food, transportation, and club entrance fees. Although we minimize the traveling we do for Live Programs, Clients cover their own transportation fees. Also, we often do not need to pay cover charges for in-field venues, however there may be cover charges for certain venues.

The number of Clients and Instructors varies depending on the city where each program takes place. However, AMNESTI bootcamps maintain one of the industry’s lowest student to instructor ratio. On any given bootcamp, you will never see more than 3 Clients for every 1 Instructor.

Absolutely. Our Clients’ emails, names, and personal information is not shared. We ask that you give us your name and contact information so that we may contact you before, during, and after live programs. Your contact information will not be shared with anybody outside of Amnesti or with anyone providing a similar service, nor will you be added to other people’s mailing lists.

It’s best to get a hotel, or accommodations close to the nightlife of the city, which is usually downtown in most metropolitan cities. Do a web search on google.com or yahoo.com to find the best rates for hotels in the city where you will be attending a Live Program, or get choose your price for hotels at http://www.priceline.com.

You can also obtain cheap, safe, dormitory-style lodgings in a hostel. Hosteling International offers lodgings in almost every city in which Amnesti conducts programs.

After enrolling in the Bootcamp, clients are emailed a personal survey. Based on the answers on the personal survey for Bootcamp clients, Amnesti Management matches up clients with the Instructor whom Management believes will be best suited to help the client accomplish their individual goals and objectives.

Every Bootcamp involves different Instructors. This is an additional unique feature of our In-Field Workshops that makes every program we hold a different experience.

The client must re-book with Amnesti within 90 days of cancellation to be eligible for a free transfer to another program. The program balance must be paid in full at the time of re-booking.

This is a LIVE program and we have a limited amount of time to work with you. To maximize your learning and personalized attention within that time, we limit the course to no more than 3 clients per instructor. Because of these constraints – there are 3 requirements in place, each of which must be met, for a partial or full refund to be considered. These are in place to be fair to BOTH the instructor -and- the client. This is also to put the ‘risk’ squarely on our shoulders, and to give you full confidence in taking the program.

  1. You must attend the entire program. In order for the instructor to give you maximum value, you must attend all the sessions and be engaged 100% in your participation. If you skip parts of the course, walk away, leave without the instructor’s consent, or show up late to the bootcamp sessions, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.
  2. You must provide honest feedback to the instructor via our email concierge system promptly after day 1 -and- day 2 of the bootcamp (but before each of the next day’s sessions) — if you do not do this, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.
  3. You must communicate to your instructor in good faith about any dissatisfaction during the bootcamp’s pre-brief or debrief seminar sessions prior to day 3, allowing him sufficient time to address your concerns, and make any adjustments necessary to the curriculum so he can attempt to satisfy you 100%. If you request a refund after the bootcamp has concluded, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.

If you meet the 3 requirements listed above and still are not satisfied, we can offer additional compensation in the form of a credit towards other products and courses. Our organization has strong values around ‘continuous improvement’, so we are constantly developing more potent and effective programs. We want to keep you as a customer for years to come, especially as we grow and continually offer exceptional courses that we know you’ll find valuable. As a bootcamp alumni, you are eligible to attend our twice annual World Summit events which happen every February in Miami and every August in Las Vegas. These are 5-7 day conferences where several hundred of our best and sharpest bootcamp alumni gather with the entire Amnesti instructor staff for daily seminars and also go out nightly in some of the best cities in the world for meeting women. Your bootcamp alumni status gives you a complimentary LIFETIME pass to attend these events for free (which cost $1000 per World Summit for non-bootcamp alumni).

In rare cases, we may elect to give you a partial or full cash refund. If this happens, it’s a ‘clean break’ and you will not be permitted to attend any subsequent live programs with Amnesti. The bootcamp is our most effective program at improving guys’ success with women and it’s the course our business has been built around since 2002. If you really didn’t get any value from the bootcamp, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get value from our other live programs. Additionally, it wouldn’t be fair to an instructor teaching a future live program to have a client placed with him who has previously refunded another course — and thus occupy the seat of someone who would have a 99% chance of being very happy with the program. Many of our live programs often sell out (particularly in the case of bootcamps) and we often have multiple clients registered on waitlists due to additional demand. Therefore, if we decide to give you any sort of cash refund, understand that you will not be allowed on any future Amnesti live programs including Bootcamp, World Summit, Immersion..

If you are attending the Mike’s bootcamp, you will still get the 3:1 ratio of Instructor to Student. Mike will have at least 1-2 other Instructors and each of those Instructors will have up to 3 additional students.

Amnesti’s best clients have become Executive Coaches and have seduced several of the world’s most desired and famous women. This is not necessarily an indication of how every client will perform. Clients are always guided down the right path towards accomplishing their personal goals.

When attending a Bootcamp, do not wear tennis shoes or shorts unless Instructors specify otherwise.

All Bootcamp Clients are requested to wear what they would usually wear when they go out to bars or go out with women. Wear your favorite outfits so that Instructors have an idea of your usual style and fashion. All students MUST wear leather dress shoes and MUST wear a collared shirt to program on Friday night.

If you’d like examples of what to wear, check out GQ, Maxim, Esquire, and Details Magazines.

Clients that are attending the Bootcamps are recommended to either fly into the city at any time before the registration. Most clients arrive on Friday. Individualized Bootcamp Clients should arrive at any time before registration, and should depart at anytime after the Bootcamp. Leave sufficient time so you can leave the airport and make it to the Live Program on time for registration.

All of the material that we teach works amazingly well on women of younger age groups, and works just as well on women that are older and more mature. To make the event truly individualized, Bootcamps Instructors attempt to create a program that involves field experience with women in the age group preferred by the client.

Clients are recommended to bring at least an additional $50/day for food and incidentals while traveling to a foreign city for a Real Social Dynamics Live Program. There may or may not be club fees, which may be an additional $5 – $20/ night; however, we often avoid clubs with fees.

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