You know these men who are natural leaders? The ones you jealously look at when they walk in a room because you just know that they turn heads. Is it your wish and ambition to have the same attitude and charisma? Great! Because while some men seem to be gifted with the power of attraction, others struggle to find out what it is and how to get it. And this is when the dating coach makes his entrance. The truth is: you can learn how to become more of an alpha male. There are some very convenient tips and tricks and I am about to release mine.

Make decisions

Leaders are the ones who make the decisions. Compare it to the quarterback of a football team. Not only will he be the leader on the field, he will be a guy with a charming personality. He is sweet, telling the ladies how beautiful they are and on the other hand, he is decisive and firm without being in command. How you do this? Just a quick example: ask her what kind of food she wants when you are going for a dinner date. Maybe you can give her several options or ideas. But in the end, you are the one who decides the restaurant/place. Women like to be guided by a strong man who gives her the impression that her opinion matters, but he also gives her comfort of not having to choose.

Be persistent

Show other people that when you have a certain goal in mind, you will do anything to achieve it. Men who give the impression not to give in too quickly, create the impression of being successful in whatever they do because they don’t throw in the towel too quickly. Success is a very important element in the power of attraction. If you show your environment that you are persistent in the small things in life, they will automatically link it to your personality. When a woman wants to play ‘hard to get’, you don’t drop out of the game immediately, but you persist without being pushy or clingy. It is called the game of seduction for a reason. Many women might want to make you think they are not interested, just to test you. Creating the image of being persistent start with the small things in life. When you decide to start running for your condition, don’t stop after two or three times. These are the things to really consider before starting something. It might look like a detail, but it is a very important factor of your personal image.

Choose the right themes of conversation

Women look up to men who are passionate, whether it is about their work, their hobbies or their family. When in a conversation, choose your battles. Don’t talk too much about things you don’t have any knowledge about. Don’t start a monologue about the national football team, if you have never seen a match before. If the subject of conversation is something you don’t know much about, acknowledge that and let her talk. When the conversation changes, you can guide it to a theme that you like. The moment that she starts thinking that you are a good listener, you show her that you can also be passionate and that you have exciting stories to share with her as well. Those are the main rules of becoming the leader of the gang and the leader in any situation you get involved in. Don’t follow, but take the lead. Taking the lead doesn’t automatically mean that you are the one talking all the time or making decisions all the time. It is about investing in getting to know your partner and yourself. You need more practical information and examples? That’s why you need to book a course with a dating coach. That is where we can help you!
Mike Geerinck
Mike Geerinck
Mike is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer for Amnesti. He has been the creative mastermind and main public speaker at hundreds of Amnesti seminars worldwide. The foundational principles, concepts, and lessons of Amnesti centers around advanced content Mike created while traveling the world and analyzing male-and-female interactions.