Discover my secret weapon to turn every man into a real boss In just 4 hours.

I long doubted whether to put this e-book online because it's full of secrets and inside information. But hey. You deserve to live like a boss as well!

Are you suffering from these 7 bitch problems?

  • You are very nervous when talking to women. You have clammy hands, adrenaline flows through your body and you may even blush a bit.
  • You can only talk to women in your fantasy or under the influence of alcohol. You fantasize about taking a woman home, but it never happens.
  • You place women on a pedestal but you think she is too good for you. You think you should be smarter, richer or cooler to hit on her. 
  • You've had a bad school-time, youth or relationship and it still has an impact on your life.
  • You feel like there's so much more potential in your work and love life, but right now, your life is boring and average. 
  • When you are in a relationship, you are jealous and always afraid to lose your partner. Even worse: you are stuck in a relationship and you are afraid to dump her because you'll be alone after that.
  • You'd like to be as cool as your TV hero, but that just isn't going to happen for you.

My colleagues will start complaining again that my product is too low-priced.
But hey, that's their problem


"The painful truth about what happens to your love life when you keep on living like a pussy"

1. You will probably never meet your dream woman

There's a big chance that one day, you'll see your dream woman ... and watch her pass by. Chances are that you are to afraid to talk to her. You'll think that she's too good for you. Too smart. And if that's not the problem, the fear of being rejected is. That's why you will probably never speak to her and just settle for someone else. Someone less attractive and less fun than the dream woman you could've had.

2. In the unlikely event that you get in touch with her, you will be intimidated.

  • You'll become nervous in her presence and she'll see your shy version.
  • You'll be afraid of saying something wrong.
  • Because of your low self-esteem, you will never get to make a move because "what if you ruined it?".
  • That same attitude brings you a single ticket to the friend zone.

3. Your relationships are going too fast.

If you magically end up in a relationship, you'll feel that you have nothing to offer to her. You'll spend most of your time fearing to lose her. You become paralyzed, more affectionate. It's only a matter of time before this leads to a painful break-up.


Boooom! Back to square

The result: you're back at the beginning.

Or actually worse. You are older and have even less hope.
... And if you experience these problems and think you are unique, think again. This may sound an exaggeration, but ...

I see this kind of men EVERY day.

Not only in my work as a dating coach, but everywhere.
Most men have these problems for the rest of their lives.
When I see such a man, I want to grab him and shout at him:

"It does not have to be that way!"


A few years ago I discovered a simple method to tackle all these problems at once.

Fast, easy and pain-free.

I'm not going to tell you what that method is, but what I can tell you is this:
I did not learn this from any self-help book.
It is not a hypnosis CD that heals you magically.
It is not the vague advice that other dating coaches give you.

... Oh and it is certainly not a long time-consuming process of working on yourself for years.

No, it is something completely different.

It is something that I accidentally stumbled upon when I was at a low point in my life. I was in debt to my ears, was suicidal, unemployed and had nothing and no one else.

Do not worry, this won't be a sad story, because there is a happy ending. I discovered a number of "buttons" that I could put into my brain that changed everything instantly.

"My life was turned upside down within a few hours, and I've never looked back."

Less than 2 years later I had:

  • Multiple friends
  • A group of friends who walked away with me
  • More money than I could spend
  • But most importantly, I felt awesome.

And I want the same for you too. That's why I developed:

"A bullshit-free and deadly simple 4-step system that turns every man into a boss" Contrary to what people want you to think, it is incredibly easy to gain self-confidence.

I discovered that there are four elements that can change your life with one stone. I poured this into a system with which you can learn how to:

  • Speak to women without fear.
  • By "mindfucking" yourself you get the type of self-confidence that makes women vibrate on her legs.
  • Up to 4 times more chance of a promotion within the company where you work. Without coming across as a heels spike.
  • Your head inside can "rewire" so that you are never afraid to be rejected by a woman.
  • Use a mental reverberation that ensures that everyone in your environment is impressed by you.
  • Become more productive in your daily life and save up to 4 hours of extra time in your day.
  • A trick you can use to motivate yourself with every setback you get.
  • With a simple change in your mindset, you are never going to be insecure in your relationships anymore. Because of this, you and your partner will stay together for a longer period of time (perhaps even forever).
  • And much, much, more ...

But Mike ... how much will this cost me?

My personal training is $ 3,000 for one day, that's more than 10,000$ a week. The "live like a boss" e-book was developed to bombard men to bosses. The title says it all. This is a course that really helps you pimp your life on a social, romantic and professional level.

You get - the absolute No.1 property of happy people:

You get - the absolute No.1 property of happy people:

You get the indispensable tool to enforce success. In a no-nonsense way you get the handles that simply help you to the next level. This e-book can be downloaded immediately after your order.

All files are in MP3 format and can therefore be listened to on your mp3 player, car radio, smartphone or any other device of your choice. You can follow the training on the road while you shop or simply while washing dishes. All techniques are explained by me and everything is in crystal clear studio quality.


Jup! No idea if that is a good plan.