Physical attraction is one of the greater things of a beginning relationship. You can’t stop thinking of or imagining being with that one person. We might say that this kind of attraction is crucial when you want to make contact with a woman. But how do you get women to start being attracted to you? Maybe you’re not the Don Juan you would like to be… No worries, there are some tips and tricks!

Dress to impress

Looks are everything and most importantly: looks can be deceiving! If you have issues about your looks, it might be a good idea to start investing in someone who can help you find the right look. Too skinny? Wear appropriate clothes that make you look slim instead of skinny. Short legs? Big belly? Underdeveloped muscles? Nothing a good stylist can’t fix! He /she can get you the right look and for a first date, it’s a major thing! First impression, right?

Look neat

Personal hygiene, or the lack of it, is the number one turn off for women. First date? Take your time to groome! Shave or trim your beard, take a shower and use after shave or even perfume! Women are very sensual, meaning they make decisions or conclusions intuitively. They rely on their senses, so use that factor! Smell nice, look good, talk smoothly and maybe even taste good (chewing gum!!) to completely convince them of your good style and taste.

Get her something!

Want to score on your first date? Get her a present! Buy her a flower, a little bottle of perfume, some chocolates… Whatever you bring her, it will help you to ease the situation an break the ice. It shows that you care and that you have something to offer her. Financial status is one of the bigger turn ons for women, however they will never admit that! That doesn’t mean that you have to be an engineer or CEO to get to know someone classy. Like I told you; this is only for the first impression! Getting her a little present will make her think that you have your life well organized and structured.

Don’t exaggerate!

Take the tips above as a guideline. Let people help you to be the best version of yourself. Indeed, of yourself! Don’t let people convince you to become someone completely different. Don’t start wearing ripped jeans if your usual style is classy chique. Don’t start wearing a suit if you love your jeans and don’t ever let people change your hairstyle if you don’t want to. The number one rule of exposing your charm to women is to do it with confidence. Let people help you to find that confidence, don’t let them change who you are. Don’t know how to get started? Let us help you! Contact us for more details and information. We won’t promise you that the world will be at your feet. But maybe some women will be!
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Mike Geerinck
Mike Geerinck
Mike is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer for Amnesti. He has been the creative mastermind and main public speaker at hundreds of Amnesti seminars worldwide. The foundational principles, concepts, and lessons of Amnesti centers around advanced content Mike created while traveling the world and analyzing male-and-female interactions.