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Not interested in sharing our valuable tips and tricks with other guys? No worries, sign up for our VIP-coaching and we’ll make you as comfortable as possible. We’ll do anything to have an exclusive session, just for you. You know what? Instead of joining us on location, we’ll come to you, wherever you are living and we take you out in your own neighborhood. Like friends, hanging out together! But instead of talking, we’ll be whispering tricks in your ear to go up to the girls you have always wanted to approach, but never had the guts to! We’ll never leave your side, so you can learn in the fastest and best way possible.

What we want to achieve in this program, is that we can get the maximum out of our time together and that we can guide you with a 100% attention, just for you! It’s just the best way to learn everything about seducing women. You’ll pick up the girls while your coach acts as your perfect wingman! Our coaches have more than 10 years of experience and are willing to share this with you. They have already dealt with any possible situation and know exactly how to handle unforeseen circumstances. That’s how coaches know exactly what they can or can not do! He can show you, in real life, what mistakes not to make and what the perfect pick up looks like. We will show you how it is done and afterwards the only thing you’ll need to do is copy that behavior.

We always work with qualified coaches and the best pick up artists in the world. They used to do it for fun and passion, but can now make money by selling their experience and expertise.


This program is excellent for guys who have no interest in meeting new friends, but who have an enormous focus on sharpening their game. Men who are willing to take this very seriously and who want to achieve specific goals. Men who want to have quality for money. Men with busy lives who might not have the time to replace themselves or even men who are not happy with mainstream women and want to aim higher. This session is for every man out there who sets his standards high. Most men who have entered this coaching session knew exactly what they wanted to know and learn



  • A method that allows you to talk to women for hours
  • We demonstrate and explain the sequence of events that needs to take place so that it’s crystal clear in the girl’s mind that you really are the right guy for her
  • The precise understanding of what a pickup is supposed to look like, so that you canmodel and replicate it in the same way that you learned to do everything else that you’re good at 
  • Real time incorporation of ten different strains and variations of cocky and funny humor
  • A series of brilliant interactive exercises that teach you the skills you need as thoroughly and quickly as possible
  • A fast track course to teach you how to read women's body language by having direct examples pointed out to you live in the field.
  • Extensive and immediate criticism of the way you use your body language… The speed and way that you move, the confidence that you carry yourself with, and the sexual threat that you pose to the girls you want to meet 
  • Powerful ways to use your voice, including projection, pitch, tonality and how the way you speak reflects the social group that you belong to… When you understand how this works you’ll see girls perking up at the sound of your voice even before you’ve completed your first sentence 
  • Live demonstration of how to incorporate lifestyle into your interactions with women, so that you can play off of your strong points 
  • A pro’s opinion, balancing, and calibration of your personality… (Most guys who start off shy go too far with arrogance, and finding the right balance leads to huge gains in your social skills)
  • A crash course in group Amnesti’s and how people are elevating their status over one another so that you’re always aware and in control of what’s going on 
  • The exact timing and recognition of signals that come up when she wants you to kiss her demonstrated to you live in the field 
  • How to master every type of approach there is (single girls, two sets, three sets, large sets, daytime, nighttime, guy/girl groups… everything)… Knowing this will leave you prepared and without any doubt of exactly how to approach any girl in any situation 
  • The staggering advantages of being able to make the right decisions, knowing exactly what to do, getting the best girls, and enjoying a lifestyle that few men have access to – you’ll have learned this by day 3
  • How to recognize social cues and respond in real life as things come up (when you meet women, the same things come up again and again)
  • How to turn a woman’s attraction switches ON instead of interacting platonically 
  • A simple question that you can ask yourself every time you get off track that willinstantly refocus you on exactly what needs to be done to get the girl
  • Dozens of simple adjustments that will multiply the attractive energy that you put out to women and people, in general, 
  • Specific things that you can say to give yourself implicit social proof in any situationeven when there are no other girls around
  • A genius little modification that you can make to be 100% sure that women will feel comfortable when you sit down at a table with them 
  • We teach you in REAL TIME how to play HARD TO GET and BE THE PRIZE
  • You also learn to be direct and EXPRESS YOUR DESIRES AS A MAN from a position of power, without making it look needy or weird 
  • A ton of NON-VERBAL and AUTOMATIC ways to pass women’s tests without having to open your mouth that you can ONLY learn on a program that’s taught live and in the field because they couldn’t be explained any other way 
  • A personalized fashion and style makeover. Learn what clothes will work best for you in your lifestyle and in the types of venues that you frequent 
  • LIVE examples of WHEN to create emotional connection with a woman… (Live programs are perfect for teaching this because trying to create an emotional connection at the wrong time can KILL her attraction and because we whisper into your ear while you’re talking to the woman, and we demonstrate examples ourselves, it becomes very clear) 
  • How to be alpha so that women perceive you as having higher value right from their first impression 
  • DEMONSTRATION of how to meet hired guns like hostesses, bartenders, waitresses, store clerks, and other hot women that are at work 
  • A FOCUS on venue changing, bouncing, and extracting… When you meet a girl and take her to another venue, it builds a history together and trusts 
  • How to use a strong masculine presence 
  • Converting an initially bad approach into a good approach. Learn how to use a girl’s initial resistance to your advantage and build sexual tension 
  • Personal feedback on how to make yourself stand out from every other generic guy who approaches her. If you don’t stand out, then the woman has no good reason to take an interest in you 
  • Live demonstration of great ways to go for the kiss and get a positive reaction EVERY TIME 
  • Practice speaking emotionally with authority, wit and passion 
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